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Retreats & Bootcamps


with Mary Helen Bowers


September 2022

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mary Helen was offered a full scholarship at age 15 to attend the School of American Ballet in New York City. One year later she was invited to become a member of the New York City Ballet. Mary Helen danced for a decade with New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center and on stages around the world before completing her bachelor’s degree at Columbia University and founding the global ballet-inspired fitness company, Ballet Beautiful.

As the worldwide leader in the ballet fitness movement, Mary Helen and her Ballet Beautiful training have made the art of classical dance accessible as never before.  Mary Helen seeks to share the artistry and athleticism of dance via a fun and transformative at-home workout and wellness program that brings ballet into people’s everyday lives. 

Mary Helen was trainer to Natalie Portman for her Award winning role in the global blockbuster, Black Swan. Ballet Beautiful’s private client list includes an impressive roster of A-List celebrities, Supermodels, Victoria’s Secret Angels along with countless other professionals, students and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. In addition to her experience as a professional Ballerina and fitness trainer, Mary Helen is a successful entrepreneur, published author and mother of three. Her fitness DVDs are best sellers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and around the globe. Mary Helen’s first book, Ballet Beautiful, is available worldwide in 5 languages, along with her 2018 publication, Ballet for Life by Rizzoli Books. Ballet Beautiful is inspired by Mary Helen’s passion for the art of ballet and pursuit of living and sharing a healthy and empowered life.


with Joshua J. Holland


October 25 – October 30

November 1 – November 6

November 8 – November 13

Joshua J. Holland is a wealth of experiential knowledge and wisdom. As a dedicated biohacker, state-of-the-art fitness trainer, holistic health coach, and sports professional, he champions the philosophy of “awareness through experience”.​

His clients include music celebrities (Madonna, Roger Waters), actors (Oscar Issac), CEO, and supermodel alike (Gigi Hadid).​

He is partnering with The Redstone Castle and will hold three exclusive weeks of fitness and education based on his book. Each day of the retreat will be dedicated to a specific pillar of transformation and will ensure you achieve the full paradigm shift by the end of the retreat.

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